Parish Connections

For the Benefice of Brimpsfield with Birdlip, Syde,
Daglingworth, The Duntisbournes, Winstone,
Miserden and Edgeworth in the Diocese of Gloucester









The benefice

The following events are taking place within the benefice




29-Mar-17Duntisbourne LeerLent Book Club
30-Mar-17MiserdenLent Book Club
30-Mar-17WinstoneCoffee Morning
01-Apr-17DaglingworthSpring Clean Up
01-Apr-17DaglingworthCake & Coffee
02-Apr-17DaglingworthSpring Clean Up
03-Apr-17DaglingworthPCC AGM
05-Apr-17Duntisbourne AbbotsDAMPS
06-Apr-17DaglingworthLent Book Club
07-Apr-17BirdlipLent Book Club
07-Apr-17BrimpsfieldGarden Society AGM
07-Apr-17DaglingworthRural Cinema
11-Apr-17WinstoneW. I.
15-Apr-17 Magazine Copy Date
22-Apr-17BrimpsfieldGarden Society Plant Sale
27-Apr-17WinstoneCoffee Morning
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